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Much more than a Doula

Doula- a person who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth.

Since May I’ve been meeting almost weekly with this beautiful new mama. We’ve talked about birth plans, pain management techniques (no epidurals here), the emotions of becoming a new mom and so much more. We walked through The Five Love Languages, how a baby changes your marriage and spent 30 days praying together for our spouses. I went to ultrasounds and doctors appointments. We took maternity pictures to celebrate this season. We got to know one another really well and bonded over many cups of coffee and semitas.

Due to some potential complications, she was induced and I spent a day and a half laboring with her. We walked, danced, talked and while the contractions were strong, she made very little progress. I had to leave to catch my flight to NC and she was rushed to Tegucigalpa for an emergency c-section. We, together had envisioned this beautiful birth where everything would go without complications and she wouldn’t be alone (in Honduras no one is allowed into the delivery room with a mom, with the exception of a doula and there are only 3 in our town). She labored hard and long and nothing went as planned, yet in the end everything was fine. Her baby was born healthy, she is recovering beautifully and together with her husband they are navigating this new world of parenting.

Right before I left for the states a church reached out to us and said there was a local non-profit that helped mothers that had an abundance of baby medications they were looking to send overseas, would we be interested? YES! So While I was there I visited expecting to pick up a bag full of meds, oh how I underestimated! They had what seemed like mountains of medicines- Tylenol, cough and cold meds, vitamins, gas drops and more. I took what I thought we could realistically fit in our suitcase. After sorting through the 6 trash bags I took, I immediately started thinking about my sweet friend- oh she could use these vitamins and her baby needs the gas drops (they don’t sell those here for some reason) and this scar cream will be perfect for her c-section incision. How many times we’ve bought Tylenol for a sick child or eye drops or heard of families who couldn’t afford the basics and now we have what feels like an unlimited supply.

I called Joey and shared my excitement and we did some research and hesitantly shipped our boxes to Honduras for the first time. We sent 2 boxes which cost $100 each, not a small fee, but when they are filled with thousands of dollars worth of medicines, it’s worth it. We got a phone call 18 days after shipping and with an explanation of where we live (we don’t have an address) the boxes were at our door within the hour.

Now that this sweet boy is here we chat almost daily. Sometimes it’s a picture of him sleeping or video of him laughing, other times it’s a question about breastfeeding or “is this normal”? We’ve visited to get baby snuggles and to encourage them. We’ve stocked mom with vitamins, lanolin cream and breastfeeding supplements and baby with vitamins, Tylenol, gas drops, diaper cream, cough syrup and more! They were so grateful for the medicine, but all of it to us is so much more than physical things, it’s about cultivating relationships. It’s about praying over a mom that is saying I can’t do it anymore because the birthing pains are too much. It’s about encouraging a wife to love and support her husband through life’s unexpected changes. It’s about teaching how our love for one another can never measure up to the love of God. It’s about showing how God sees every need we have, big and small.

We only shipped 2 boxes of medicines because it was expensive and we were a bit hesitant if they would actually make it, but now are looking to send more as we see God is opening doors to use simple things like oral gel and cough syrup to glorify Him. If you are interested in helping cover the cost to ship a box (120-130lbs of medicines) to Honduras, please follow the link to give!

Give now to send a box of medicine

We love having the chance to be a part of the story God is writing for this precious family. Thank you for your investment that allows us to invest in so many families. We look forward to sharing more with you!

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