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Meals Make a Difference!

We’d like to introduce you to Arly. She is the youngest girl in her family of 9 and has a smile that will brighten even the darkest day. She is bright, talented and has a huge heart to serve. She may look familiar to some of you as she is an active member of Iglesia Restauracion.

She is my friend. I pray over her, want better for her, encourage her and challenge her to be all that God has created her to be. I have laughed with her, practiced English more times than I can count, taken her shopping for school supplies and gone to her school to meet with her teachers. We have watched her grow from a girl attending Sunday school and staying for a meal each week to a young lady who is the first one to step up and serve plates or pour juice and is co-leading this year’s Christmas production!

Speaking in material terms, her family has nothing. I’ve been to their home at lunchtime and there was literally nothing for them to eat. She, along with 6 other family members, live in a tiny one-room, divided by a half wall, shack. They sleep in 2 beds total. They have gone years without running water. They also give refuge to a teenage mother and her child because her father often comes home drunk and molests her. They have nothing, yet they give any and all that they can. She has seen her parents be the hands and feet of Jesus. She has seen the church being the church and has a desire to serve others in the same way.

She is only one of the many children, all with similar stories, that walk into the doors of Iglesia Restauracion each week and leaves full, physically and spiritually.

It seems our lives have been a series of us making plans or saying what we won’t do and Jesus “wrecking” our lives and showing us how much greater life can be when we surrender our plans to Him, walk in His strength (not our own) and He gets the glory for what only He can do. Looking back four years ago when we said we would NEVER work in the bordo because of the dangers and risks involved, yet when my lack of Spanish led us in front of a group of kids at Iglesia Restauracion with NOTHING to say, we knew that God was calling us to love, serve and partner with his growing church.

The Feeding Program was never our idea, it was always the vision of the church to serve the children, to show them in a tangible way the love of Jesus and to give them a glimpse of hope. We are only the willing vessels to see God’s vision for this church come to life and impact a community living in extreme poverty.

For most of this year we have been praying specifically about expanding the Feeding Program in two ways:

1- Starting a Feeding Program through Iglesia de Dios El Rincon.

2- Iglesia Restaruacion expanding into other bordos on Saturdays in which they are already hosting children’s Bible classes.

But God hasn’t provided a way to do so yet. To be honest it has been a little discouraging because we know there is need and huge opportunity to share the gospel with many children. However, even as I type this I am encouraged, being reminded that God has ALWAYS provided in HIS TIMING and in HIS WAY! Since the day we committed to the Feeding Program in 2017, He has provided tables, chairs, plates, a stove, a children’s ministry center, a clean bathroom, church building expansion, a new roof, Sunday School materials, Bibles, food- every week and the list goes on! And all that was provided through YOU! Through YOUR generosity!

We know that God is going to provide for these precious children and these churches that both have a vision to see their communities changed because of Jesus! Would you consider partnering with us to see the gospel spread throughout Honduras through the gift of a meal for a child?

Give a meal now!

Would you specifically pray with us over the following:

1-     $3,000 to start and maintain the Feeding Program in El Rincon for a 2020!

2-     $2,000 to expand the Feeding Program through Iglesia Restauracion into other bordos on Saturdays.

3- $2,500 to build a kitchen at Iglesia Restauracion to allow a common space for church members to cook and serve the children on rotation.    

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