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Education Changes the Future!

We want to share a little bit about how investing in education through our Christmas Giving Catalog can make a lasting impact on a child here in Honduras. 

Josue is 15 years old and lives in El Rincon. Just like any other kid his age, he enjoys being outside playing soccer with his friends. Something else he enjoys is going to school and learning, but with his family facing financial struggles each and every day, the temptation to quit school and find work to help support the family tends to be the easier answer in these situations. Sometimes it’s tough to find work or health issues can hinder finances to cover the cost of school. School uniforms and supplies can sometimes take a backseat in priority when you’re faced with the decision to buy groceries or pay for electricity. With parents that are determined to see his future different than their own, they have done all they can to keep him in school. Even with all their sacrifice and hard work, they still had a tough time being able to afford school this year.

Going back to last year, Josue’s dad had a bad motorcycle accident and was forced to miss multiple months of work. Just as he began to recover, he was forced out of work again due to emergency gallbladder surgery. All of this happened right before the beginning of the school year and they thought that they wouldn’t be able to send Josue to school.

But God is good! Through your generosity and investing in our Christmas Giving Catalog, we were able to help this family with uniforms and school supplies. Because of this, Josue was able

to finish school this year and graduate this past weekend from ninth grade! With parents that only completed the sixth grade, this is a big milestone and celebration for the entire family.

We were invited to celebrate along with his family and it was an honor to do so. After the graduation ceremony, what stood out most to us weren't the speeches given or even the tossing of the graduation caps. While many of the graduates were taking photos with their families, Josue was humbly stacking chairs

and cleaning the auditorium. He is an exceptional young man, who is unsure of his future. There are options for him to continue studying in a trade school, however they come with many obstacles, that again his family can't see becoming reality.

At a time when Josue didn’t think he would be able to go to school, he was able to witness the fruit from the faith of his parents as our Heavenly Father met a need that they couldn't see an answer to. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to share these amazing testimonies of how people’s lives are being changed. 

Last year, through your generosity, we supported 90 children with school supplies and uniforms! Would you consider helping us make that a reality again this year?

Give $40 now to send a child to school in Honduras!

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