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Education is one of the most powerful things in life. It allows us to find the meaning behind everything. It gives us an understanding of the world around us and offers us endless opportunity. With every aspect of ministry we try to incorporate learning. The following are some of the ways we are changing the future of Honduras through education.

- In Honduras, public education is free, however it is required to wear a school uniform and for families to provide an extensive list of school supplies. Without these things, children are not permitted into the classroom. This year we were able to provide school supplies, uniforms and sponsorship opportunities which allowed 80 children to enroll in school! 

- In 2019 we are focusing on forming a partnership with parents of the students we have worked with. Through the partnership we will provide parent education through relevant training and volunteer opportunities. Through each opportunity, parents will earn "dollars" to be used before next school year (February 2020) to "buy" their children's school supplies and uniforms in our "Cultivate Store." This will provide children with the necessary means to attend school, while empowering parents to provide for their children, when they otherwise wouldn't be able to.  

- Community Health Evangelism is a teaching tool which opens the door to not only educate children and families on important health topics (proper hand washing, basic first aid, importance of healthy living), but share's the gospel in a relevant way. 

- Empowering the Teachers and Staff at Escuela Especial with resources and tools that are individualized for their classroom needs. We also provide training and workshops that allow the teachers to continue their education to better understand and help their students.

- Providing play based therapy for the students at Escuela Especial.​

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